Robert Zajac

I'm currently a software engineer at Two Sigma, where I’m helping to build an insurance platform to make underwriting more efficient. Recently (2019) I finished a B.S.E. and M.S.E. in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania. There I had the chance to serve as a teaching assistant for a few CS courses and as president of The Bell Society.

Lately I’ve been exploring interests around all things cybersecurity — especially where it intersects with public policy. As a kid I was fascinated with computer hacking. As an adult (newly-minted) I’ve become increasingly troubled with the proliferation and ramifications of data breaches, corporate cyber espionage, and other nasty abuses of computers.

In the past I’ve enjoyed projects in distributed systems as well as formal methods and compilers. I helped create py-libp2p, a networking library that was awarded an Ethereum Foundation grant, and I worked with Dr. Zdancewic on Vellvm, a formalization of the LLVM compiler language.

Presently located in New York City. In my personal time, I like reading (lots of philosophy and psychology works, but increasingly classical fiction), strength training, and studying Mandarin Chinese. You can reach me at my email, or securely on Signal.